Privacy Policy

Overview Services, Inc., this website, and its associated services (“Overview”) collects information as a necessary part of providing services to you. This Privacy Policy provides information about how we treat such information.

Your Documents

If you upload documents to Overview, our computers will analyze them. We will not keep copies of your documents any longer than needed to perform this analysis. Your documents are not visible to other users, or available publicly on the Internet, unless you share them.

We understand that you might have heightened privacy needs about a particular set of documents. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you analyze those documents under conditions that keep the documents solely under your control.

Your Information

In the course of providing services to you, we might learn information about you. This can include your name, email or mailing address, payment information, or password. We will apply commercial standards and endeavor to treat such items with care and security. We will not store such information beyond its useful lifetime. In particular, we will not store payment information without your permission.

We do not share or sell your data with third parties for advertising or other purposes. Except as required by law, we plan to keep it that way.

Incidental Copies And Data

As we provide services to you, analyze your information, and handle your documents, we create incidental copies of your documents in memory and on disk. We don’t keep these copies, but they might persist in a cache for periods of time. We will try to clean any caches regularly.

Sometimes, as part of maintaining, repairing, and improving Overview, a human or computer might take a closer look at your documents or information. In such cases, your data and its use will be confined to internal work on Overview.

Similarly, our web server logs collect information about visitors, including datetime, IP address, browser configuration, and geographic data. We use these logs during server maintenance and to generally understand who is visiting and using Overview. We generally keep log information for less than six months.


Overview may use cookies to manage logins and other aspects of providing services. We use third-party javascript and services (e.g. Google Analytics) that might leave their own cookies in your web browser. Those third parties are not bound by this Privacy Policy. Please consult their websites for their policies.

Do Not Track

Overview does not engage in behavioral tracking of its users. We do not respond to Do Not Track settings. It is possible third-party services used by Overview fail to adhere to Do Not Track settings.


We take security seriously and strive to keep our infrastructure up to industry standards.

We know we cannot guarantee absolute security. In the event of a data breach that affects your data, we will endeavor to inform you via email at the address we have on file within a reasonable time after we discover the breach.

If you discover a security flaw in our website or other software, please let us know. We will cooperate with responsible disclosure practices and participate in filing the bug and fixing any issues.