We're hiring a front-end developer

The Overview Project, an open-source document mining system, is looking for a front end developer

Journalists are increasingly confronted with huge sets of documents that they have to understand quickly. These documents come from Freedom of Information requests, leaks, or open government sites, and consist of thousands or even millions of pages of disorganized documents in any file format. Overview is an open-source tool to help investigative journalists and other curious people find the essential information in a huge document dump.

The software analyzes the full text of each document using natural language processing techniques, automatically sorts documents into topics and sub-topics, and visualizes their content. It has been used to report on emails, declassified archives, tweets, and more.  Overview includes full text search, but unlike a search engine it is designed to help you find what you don’t even know you’re looking for.

We need an additional front-end developer on the team. Overview is written in Scala on the Play framework, with a Coffeescript front end. We’re looking for:

  • Solid JavaScript engineering experience, with modern tools such as jQuery, Coffeescript, and Backbone
  • Experience with a modern MVC web app architecture, such as Rails, Django, or Play
  • It’s open source! Are you good at supporting a developer community?
  • Design and usability sense;  you’ll be making many decisions at the intersection of beauty and function.
  • An understanding of web application architecture. Stuff like AWS and Postgres.
  • Bonus geek points: Experience in visualization, natural language processing, or distributed systems

You’ll be on a small team using agile processes, which means you’ll have a great deal of influence over the product and its architecture. Perks include travel to data journalism conferences and flexible working arrangements. New York City area preferred, but will consider remote. Mostly, we’re looking for someone who cares about making it easier for investigative journalists to do their job. Open data is great, but transparency means nothing if no one is watching.

Overview is an open-source project of the Associated Press, funded by a News Challenge grant from the Knight Foundation.

Please send resumes to jonathan@overviewproject.org