Overview is hiring!

We need two Java or Scala developers to build the core analytics and visualization components of Overview, and lead the open-source development community. You’ll work in the newsroom at AP’s global headquarters in New York, which will give you plenty of exposure to the very real problems of large document sets.

The exact responsibilities will depend on who we hire, but we imagine that one of these positions will be more focused on user experience and process design, while the other will do the computer science heavy lifting — though both must be strong, productive software engineers. Core algorithms must run on a distributed cluster, and scale to millions of documents. Visualization will be through high-performance OpenGL. And it all has to be simple and obvious for a reporter on deadline who has no time to fight technology. You will be expected to implement complex algorithms from academic references, and expand prototype techniques into a production application.

You will work closely with investigative reporters on real stories, ensuring that the developing application serves their real world document-dump reporting needs. You will also work with visualization experts and other specialists from across industry and academia, and act as the technical lead for the open-source development and user communities.

We can offer competitive salaries for this two-year contract. Please send your resume to jstray@ap.org.


  • demonstrated ability to design and a ship large application with a clean, minimal, functional user interface
  • BSc. in CS, EE, or equivalent familiarity with computer science theory
  • mathematical ability, especially statistical models and linear algebra
  • 5 years experience as a Java software developer
  • familiarity with distributed open source development projects
  • experience in computer graphics and distributed systems a plus